Custom Content Management System (CMS)

About This Website and the CuteWord Software

CuteWord is a simple yet robust content management system built from the ground up based on my (ScoDal) two favorite content management systems: CuteNews and WordPress. This website serves as a place for me to test and update the code, talk about my software, and also talk about code in general. Even if you aren't interested in CuteWord itself, this website still serves as a place to share, learn, and talk about code.

Patch Notes and Planned Updates:

If you're interested to see what has been updated or what is in the works then check out the two links below. I'm always updating something with the software and I'm always thinking of more things I want to add, change, or update.

Patch Notes Planned Updates

About CuteWord and it's Creator, ScoDal:

My name is ScoDal and many years ago I was a very active member of the CutePHP and CuteNews community. It is an open source content management system that was very robust and flexible for aspiring web designers, coders, and webmasters like myself. As it fell out of popularity I started to use WordPress like many other people around the world.

For a very long time using WordPress seemed fine. But, I always imagined a content management system that merged the best of both worlds. I missed a lot of features from CuteNews and there were a lot of improvements made with WordPress. At some point I knew that the software I really wanted would never exist unless I just started making it myself. Thus, CuteWord was born.

It was a lot of work and there are still many improvements I am constantly working on. But, it is fully developed and operational. I have quite a few sites running it already. I haven't decided yet if I want to make it open source, free to use, or sell it. Time and interest in my software will help me come to that conclusion. I mostly made it for myself. If you navigate around the pages here you'll see it operates quite quickly. There is no much boat or overhead. Every single bit of this website was hand-coded by me.

Originally, I had called this project CRUD which was named generically based on the popular acronym that stands for "Create Read Update Delete." I named it this because while I had worked in the industry for a long time I had never really created something of this scale from scratch and I wanted to take on the task as a way to sharpen my own skills as a programmer. But, as I started getting going I started realizing I was more prepared to take on a larger challenge than I initially thought and became hooked up going all out. At some point, I knew I could actually pull this off and I started digging deep on it obsessing over writing the source code and getting it to work for a few months.

This software caused me to lose a lot of sleep. But, I don't regret it! Now that it's mostly stable I can take a much more reasonable approach to it where I implement new ideas, plans, and updates in smaller more reasonable chunks.