Custom Content Management System (CMS)

CuteWord Planned Updates

This page is an updated collection of bugs, fixes, and planned updates for the CuteWord software. You can check back here often to see what part of development I'm working on or planning. If you're looking to see what patches, bugs, and updates have already been fixed or implemented then check here.

Bugs that need fixed:

  1. Drafts seem to still display in certain areas despite being marked as a draft.

  2. Fix some of the CSS code for Google Chrome to make certain elements line up as well as they do on Mozilla FireFox.

Minor Updates:

  1. Add ability to use drop down menus on the main menu.

  2. Add ability to edit the website and content from a mobile device.

  3. Reorganize the admin interfaces menu to be more user friendly.

  4. Ability to organize content alphabetically.

  5. Ability to switch content organization from tile to list mode.

  6. Ability to toggle whether or not the featured content image is displayed, particularly for the list mode view of content.

Major Updates

  1. Create forum software that is built-in directly to the CuteWord platform and can be toggled on or off.

  2. Add eCommerce built-in directly to the CuteWord platform that can be used anywhere throughout the website.

  3. Add alternate theme choices.

  4. Add search and filtering ability to the admin interface for pages, posts, custom types, and users.