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Are you looking for premiere web hosting at a reasonable price?

While CuteWord is a product I have created and am actively working on, it also needs proper web hosting to run effectively. I've been managing and running websites for over 20 years. Basically, since the beginning of the Internet both as a hobby and professionally. I am no stranger to knowing what it takes to keep a website up and running. Because of that, it only makes sense that I would offer hosting services.

CuteWord is hosted by my hosting company called Luxury Server. Originally it was setup just out of necessity because CuteWord and my other web projects needed a home. But, as time has passed and due to my reputation online from friends, family, and others I have decided to start hosting others. It seemed to only make sense to help others get their online vision up, running, and hosted online.

You can feel good hosting with me knowing that I am constantly making sure my own sites and servers are updated and online so you don't have to think about it. If my servers are down, I'm losing money and that isn't something I'm going to be happy about so I'm constantly monitoring my servers. In other words, I'm going to be making sure your websites, online stores, or other projects are staying online both professionally for you and also because I need to do that anyway. Everybody wins.

If you're interested in hosting with me there are a few things you can do. You can check out my website and hosting company here. You can also contact me here or here so we can discuss what your needs are and how we can start working together.